South Woodham's Tragic Roundabout (otherwise known as the Sainsbury's Roundabout) has been given the thumbs down. It fails on several counts - not least among which are fears that it isn't safe.

Here's a short video that sets out the issues. The link is

The significance of all this is  that the people who are responsible for these matters continue to argue that the Sainsbury's roundabout is absolutely fine ... and these are the same people who say the rest of the plans for the Burnham Road are absolutely fine too ... so this is a taste of things to come.

The concern is that the volume of traffic on the Burnham Road (which is already struggling to cope)will increase dramatically as a result of the housing developments here and elsewhere and an inevitable effect of this will be a rise in pollution. This increase in the level of pollution will be exacerbated by the stop/start effect caused by the additional roundabouts and the six pedestrian crossings that are planned. There is also a possibility of a new Power Station (Bradwell B) -and , if it goes ahead, it will have a significant detrimental effect.

Another factor is that the Burnham road currently skirts the northern border of the town - but the plan is that it will bisect town in future thereby potentially  exposing more residents to pollution AND there is the likelihood of far more traffic (yet more pollution) on the Ferrers Road as drivers try to find a way past the hold-ups on the Burham Rd.

We maintain that there is a clear need for a bypass to allow the traffic to flow freely and to reduce the pollution level experienced by the residents in general and schoolchildren in particular. Unfortunately the decision-makers appear to be more keen on pleasing the developers than they are on finding a solution that works well for everyone and protecting the health and wellbeing of the residents. The pandemic is on their side - because we are focussed on this at present, there could be less of a protest than there would otherwise be ... and it's up to us not to let this happen.

If you have concerns you will need to do something constructive to effect change. Sit back and do nothing and you'll be stuck with 'pig's ear' solution that will have an adverse effect on the residents of the town and commuters from the Dengie for decades to come.

Suggestions for action  are contained in the video and on the website: You'll need to be quick - the meeting at which major decisions will be made is scheduled for January 14th.

Please pass this on to friends, neighbours, family - and anyone else who will be adversely affected by the proposals.

REMINDER OF SURVEY RESULT: 95% of respondents thought the current proposals will result in increased traffic congestion, 94% thought Chelmsford City Council and Essex Highways should reconsider their 'Masterplan' proposals and build a new northern bypass for SWF. The 3rd question was "On the basis of what you know about the Masterplan project so far, do you think it has been well handled - 87% said "NO" ... 8% said "YES" ... and 5% said "Don't know".


Writing to those who can influence and/or are involved in the decision making process briefly setting out your views is helpful.

This website contains the names and email addresses of the Chelmsford Policy Board members

Here are some examples of members and contact details:

Councillor Graham Pooley:

Councillor Helen Ayres:

Cllr Nicolette Chambers:

Councillor Marie Goldman:

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