Here are the results of the survey which sought your views on the Masterplan proposals for the part of the Burham Rd which currently runs along the northern perimeter of the town (and will bisect the town when the new development is complete). You will recall that the proposal by Essex Highways is to install additional roundabouts and half a dozen pedestrian crossings which, its representatives claim, will not slow the traffic.

These are presented as follows:

1) Survey Monkey (online) survey results. There were a ttal of 721 responses. The analysis of the results show how many people answered each question.

We tried to get as many as possible to complete the online survey (as this did all the work for us) but we did have a 'pen and paper' variety for those who, for whatever reason, couldn't complete the 'Survey Monkey' version.

2) 35 responses were submitted on paper: these showed much the same result - with 100% believing the current proposals will lead to severe traffic congestion.

As you can see the results of the survey are conclusive – there is general agreement that the plans for the Burnham Road are disastrous and those concerned with ensuring that our roadways are fit for purpose need to go back to the drawing board.

We will be communicating the results to all concerned in the hope that common sense will prevail and a solution which is in everybody’s best interests can be found.

South Woodham town council is, as you know, trying to find a satisfactory solution and has asked the public to submit suggestions. This can be done by contacting the clerk at karen@southwoodhamferrerstc.gov.uk or, better still, by responding to the request for comments on the draft neighbourhood plan by 4pm on Thursday 12 November 2020. which can be found by clicking on the link or typing it into your Browser: You only need to review the submission version - see link below.

Although using the neighbourhood plan website is the strongly recommended method, we're told it's very clunky and difficult to use. Try it, though ... and see if you fare better than we did.

What we're up to at the moment: We have been in touch with the Parish Council is for the areas which will be adversely affected by the current plans for the Burnham Road – and the Stowe Maries and Cold Norton Parish Councils are both extremely concerned and making representations. We understand that Maldon District Council is responding likewise.

We will be doing our best to get all those concerned working harmoniously together and to feed in ideas. Watch this space for further developments.
Our thanks to all those who completed the survey – the default position is for people who will be adversely affected to grumble amongst themselves ... which is all very well but doesn’t achieve anything. What those of you who have completed the survey have done, however, puts pressure on those who, by ignoring the views of the residents, seek to create a catastrophic situation.

We’ll keep you informed of developments.

Woodham Infrastructure Group.

What you can do about the survey

If you have any time/energy left over after commenting on the draft neighbourhood plan and/or letting the Town Council know your views it would be helpful if you could help spread the word by communicating your views on the survey briefly to one or two of the following. When you do so, please tell them they can find the results of the survey at https://www.w-i-g.co.uk/

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