The results are presented as graphs (below). Click on each image to enlarge it.

There were 307 responses to this survey which focussed on the opinions of the residents and businesses in South Woodham Ferrers - an excellent result for this area.

The view of the public does not appear to have changed materially since the last survey was done in 2020 - the results of which also appear 'further down' the website

This is about infrastructure - we are not campaigning against the new development in SWF. We recognise the need for new houses - although, for the sake of wildlife and the good of the planet, we go along with the PM's conference speech in which he said that he wanted to build the homes the country needs “not on green fields” whenever it is reasonable & practical to do so.

Many of the questions in this survey were about a particular situation which will adversely affect South Woodham Ferrers and the Dengie - but most of the questions and answers have Essex wide implications.

The planners and developers have been given a clear steer on what people want. If they don't like the results of our 'on a shoestring' survey they can conduct their own.

Whilst this survey was aimed at a small geographical area and a particular set of circumstances the findings have Essex wide implications.